Joyful, Intentional Moments

At August Jude, we create colorful artwork and handmade treasures to uplift, inspire, and evoke a sense of delight in ordinary moments. Thank you for being here!

Meet August Jude

When I started August Jude I knew it had to be so much more than just a shop to sell my art. At the heart of this business is a desire for self-discovery and the pursuit of a meaningful life. Connection is at the core of who we are - connection to self, to others, and to the magical world around us. My art aims to celebrate and inspire these joyful moments of connection.  We hope not just to sell goods, but to cultivate a community of kindred spirits who share the desire to live intentionally.

Founder + Face Behind the Brand

Sarah is a midwest based artist that is inspired by the beauty in everyday life. Colorful, joyful, and whimsical are the best words to describe her artistic style. The bright colors and patterns in her work inspire a sense of energy and positivity. Sarah’s typical mediums are oil on paper or canvas and ceramics. She also offers fine art giclée prints to make her work more accessible to everyone.

the power of meaningful connections

It’s our mission to celebrate the magic in everyday moments and inspire a more intentional way of life. We aim to:

Inspire Joy and Purpose

A life well-lived is one of abundant joy and gratitude. We aim to design our products to bring more of this into the rituals of your every day, and inspire you to share the love with those around you.

Cultivate Connection and Community

We believe giving back is part of the cycle that keeps us going. That’s why we donate 8% of our profits to initiatives working to make the world a more awesome place. Why 8% you ask? Well we love a good symbolic meaning, and eight represents the infinite. Check back soon to see more information on where our 8% will go.

Uphold Care for the Earth

We are constantly working to make our business more sustainable. We are gradually working to ship all of our products with plastic-free, recycled, and eco-friendly packaging! It’s so incredibly important to us that every order arrives in tip-top condition, while upholding our responsibility as a business to care about the planet and people involved in producing and delivering our prints. Read more about our sustainability efforts.